Sweet Hibiscus Gin with added CBD. Yes, CBD! At first the classic botanicals of juniper, coriander, angelica, orange, lemon, cassia, nutmeg, orris, liquorice and hibiscus makes MUHU appear like a London Dry gin with sweet notes of hibiscus. However, MUHU goes one step further by adding CBD. If you’ve ever tried CBD oil you’ll know that it has quite a distinctive and even overpowering flavours. … Continue reading MUHU GIN

Zeiver Gin [pure]

Fresh onto the gin scene this year is Zeiver Gin, an English spirit at a feisty 47% ABV. Zeiver (the name of which derives from Zuiver which means pure in Dutch) contains a total of 9 rather daring and distinctive botanicals, including juniper, pistachio, apple, lime, cherry, peach, macadamia nuts, aloe vera and grapefruit. The base spirit is made from polished rice, sourced from Niigata … Continue reading Zeiver Gin [pure]

Hogmoor Gin School

Set in Bordon, Hampshire and just a stones throw from work- handy! “I know vow to never judge wax sealed bottles which I previously described as ‘must having been done by a child’ or ‘with eyes closed’.” Heading back to school to study gin is something dreams are made of. Learning how stills work, understanding how to balance botanicals, seeing the gin pour out, bottling, … Continue reading Hogmoor Gin School

Madame Jennifer

The Urban Small-Batch Distillery “We both felt so welcome and had a brilliant afternoon tasting, learning and laughing.” Myself and good friend Andrew aka The Gin Den headed to Hove to meet the lovely couple who distil a handful of gins (plus some other interesting spirits!) Inger on the left is the Biologist and Ian is the Chemist. Hence the gin names! They’ve acquired the … Continue reading Madame Jennifer

Happy 1st Birthday Red Door!

Today is Red Door Gin’s 1st Birthday! What better way to celebrate than cracking open the beautifully bold red bottle and enjoying a gin and tonic in the sunshine. I’m serving mine with ice, Walter Gregors tonic, creating the perfect Scottish pair and garnishing with a handful of raspberries from the garden. Red Door is a small-batch handcrafted Gin, which gets it name from the … Continue reading Happy 1st Birthday Red Door!

Gin School at Gorilla Spirits, Upton Grey, Basingstoke

Gorilla Spirits distillery in Upton Grey make award-winning spirits with an amazing ethical conscience and I was truly honoured to attend their gin school. Founded in 2015 by Andy Daniels, Gorilla Sprits has an impressive portfolio including: Silverback Mountain Strength Gin, Silverback Old Tom Gin, Silverback Raspberry Gin, Blackback Mountain Strength and Maraba Coffee Liqueur. It is remarkable that this small business donates £1 from … Continue reading Gin School at Gorilla Spirits, Upton Grey, Basingstoke