So, where did it all start?

Whilst I have always been fond of gin, it all began recently in Bridport, Dorset. I was away for a long weekend and the weather was, well… British, and on more occasions than not, we found ourselves running into the local pub for cover. I became fascinated by the colourful and unusual gin collections that each pub stocked, always different from the last.

This is when it became more about the history and taste of the gin and less about ‘having a drink’.

On one of the days, we drove over to Lyme Regis and wondered around the town. I came across several independent gin and tonic shops and they completely blew my mind. London dry, coloured, flavoured, navy strength, sipping, small batch, British, foreign, charity and so on.

“Would you like to taste it?” the Sales Assistant said, whilst holding out a small plastic cup. 25 minutes passed, 5 gins bought and head slightly dizzy, I realised I had the taste for it and with a little encouragement from other gin bloggers which I’d been following, I created ‘The Gin Judge’.

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