Sweet Hibiscus Gin with added CBD. Yes, CBD! At first the classic botanicals of juniper, coriander, angelica, orange, lemon, cassia, nutmeg, orris, liquorice and hibiscus makes MUHU appear like a London Dry gin with sweet notes of hibiscus. However, MUHU goes one step further by adding CBD. If you’ve ever tried CBD oil you’ll know that it has quite a distinctive and even overpowering flavours. … Continue reading MUHU GIN

Zeiver Gin [pure]

Fresh onto the gin scene this year is Zeiver Gin, an English spirit at a feisty 47% ABV. Zeiver (the name of which derives from Zuiver which means pure in Dutch) contains a total of 9 rather daring and distinctive botanicals, including juniper, pistachio, apple, lime, cherry, peach, macadamia nuts, aloe vera and grapefruit. The base spirit is made from polished rice, sourced from Niigata … Continue reading Zeiver Gin [pure]

Happy 1st Birthday Red Door!

Today is Red Door Gin’s 1st Birthday! What better way to celebrate than cracking open the beautifully bold red bottle and enjoying a gin and tonic in the sunshine. I’m serving mine with ice, Walter Gregors tonic, creating the perfect Scottish pair and garnishing with a handful of raspberries from the garden. Red Door is a small-batch handcrafted Gin, which gets it name from the … Continue reading Happy 1st Birthday Red Door!

Holly’s Gin

From Saltash to the Witterings… Holly’s really is the perfect gin to enjoy by the sea. Holly’s has 9 botanicals including passion flower, gentian root and orange, creating a beautiful zesty sweet flavour. Holly’s is a small batch gin distilled in Saltash, Cornwall using 300 litre copper pot stills at Trevethan Distillery. The iconic green and gold bottle is inspired by Art Deco and truly … Continue reading Holly’s Gin

Pinkster Gin

Kick starting my first gin post with something colourful, feminine and fruity. Pinkster Gin was one of the first British Gins that I tried. Pinkster started out in 2013 and was created by Stephen Marsh, from North Hertfordshire. Pinkster is made using five botanicals. The only three which are publicly know are: juniper, black peppercorn and of course raspberries, which creates the beautiful pink hue. … Continue reading Pinkster Gin