Kick starting my first gin post with something colourful, feminine and fruity. Pinkster Gin. Wow!

Pinkster Gin all started in 2013 and was created by Stephen Marsh from North Hertfordshire. Pinkster is made using five botanicals. The only three which are publicly know are: juniper, black peppercorn and of course raspberries, which creates the beautiful pink hue.

What do I think? Whilst fruity and sweet, this gin is well balanced with spicy notes from the black peppercorn. It looks amazing and will be my go-to drink this summer.

Why ‘The Gin Judge’ ?

The concept of the ‘The Gin Judge’ combines my personal love for gin and my work life in the legal industry. The use of the word ‘Judge’ also links in with the importance of balancing the botanicals.

As well as tasting the gin (the best part), I love learning the history and understanding the unique story behind the gin. Ideally, I also aim to explore the area where the gin is made or visiting the distillery where I can, in order to gage the passion behind the creation.

It’s a journey that is only just getting started…